About Me

Music...isn't it great.  Amazing how hearing the right song can put a smile on your face.  Well that's what happened to me many years ago in a big way.  There were always songs which would put a smile on my face, but none put a bigger smile on my face than the ones written by a certain songwriter...a special songwriter.  I'd hear "I Think I Love You" by David Cassidy(who inspired me) and The Partridge Family(and so many other great songs he brought to life), I'd hear "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" by Lou Christie, I'd hear "Blessed Is The Rain" by Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge and I said to myself that I had to find out who wrote these songs(by now you can guess that I love music from the 60's and 70's).   All of these song were written by Tony Romeo who I feel is the greatest songwriter of all time.  While not a household name, he penned so many other great songs of that era.  Having played the piano since age 5, I had always played other peoples songs but after hearing the songs by Tony, I was inspired to give songwriting a go.

I would start hearing melodies in my head and then would play everything I was humming in my mind.  Soon I'd put a story to it, the rhymes would follow and I knew then that this was something I would do for the rest of my life.  Ever since, songwriting has become an absolute passion of mine.  There would be the thrill of coming up with a new song and then the challenge of placing it with an artist or entering it into a contest.  There was a lot of hard work along the way and although things didn't always go according to plan, the joy of getting publishing contracts, hearing other artists perform my songs and receiving songwriting awards was all worth it. 

Helping me bring my songs to life was renown music producer Steve Skinner who has worked with many famous artists including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Jewel and many others.  Included in Steve's resume is the Broadway Production of Rent.  Steve is incredible to work with.  I'd bring him my songs and in a short amount of time he knew exactly what was needed to make the songs as current sounding as possible and full of life.  It has truly been an honor working with him.